How to Lose Weight At the Drive-Thru!

It IS possible!

May 14, 2019

It’s 2019. We’re busy people. The convenience of fast food means it can be damn-near impossible to avoid the drive-thru sometimes… I get it. Even without bringing up cost and flavor!

I’m also a nutrition coach who helps real people that eat at drive-thrus, lose weight and feel better while continuing to eat burgers, candy, chips, etc. It can be done. Of course, the people hocking crazy diets don’t want you to know this!

These are strategies for people looking to eat healthier/lose weight, while continuing to eat at the drive thru. If you don’t care about either of those things, I still recommend you enjoy your food more by eating it slower to fully appreciate the sensations of taste! (I’m not kidding, do this with all your food regardless of goals.)

  • Eat your food slowly! You will digest it better, so less of it turns into fat. Kinda already gave away the part about how you will notice and appreciate flavors more. It will also help you…
  • Eat til you’re satisfied, not stuffed! Your brain takes twenty minutes to get the signal from your stomach that you’re full. That’s why eating slowly will help with this!
  • Consider how much you really WANT the fries and drink (you certainly don’t need them). All I’m encouraging is a personal choice. Many people mindlessly get them to make it a “meal” and it adds hundreds of calories. Make a decision, don’t auto-order.
  • Explore the menu for healthier options that you haven’t tried. You don’t know if they’re good or not ‘til you try them!

Those are what to do once you’re actually at the drive-thru. I’d also recommend these on either end:

  • Before eating, drink a cup/bottle of water. Don’t have one in the car? Didn’t drink one before you left? Good news! The drive-thru has you covered. Just order some! It will take up stomach space and make sure you’re not overeating from dehydration.
  • Afterwards, get right back on track! Make sure the next thing you eat has some nutrition value. I’m a fan of protein, vegetables, and fruit!

These are all very effective ways that real people use in the real world to continue eating well, even when they’re rushed and hit the drive-thru. They’re pretty simple and straightforward so you may actually use them!

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Have fun and do your best,

Matt Koch

Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach (American Council on Exercise; Precision Nutrition)