How To Make Sure Your Resolution Lasts This Year

Once and for all!

January 2, 2019

Happy New Year! I love this time of year because people are ready to start fresh and live a healthy lifestyle. Down With The Fitness is my daily blog to help people do that no matter the season, but that’s not to say I have anything against resolutions.

My question is WHY do you have the resolution in the first place? Why is it important to you? I have my reasons for living a healthy lifestyle (deadlifts are fun and hearty vegetable dumps are hilarious), and helping others do the same (it’s rewarding to see consistency and effort pay off), but the only thing that matters here is why the f*** YOU think it’s worthwhile to improve YOUR health.

Only you can answer. Do not feed yourself BS because a magazine, or even a doctor, told you that you "had" to start working out and eating better. That’s external fear right there. It can be a solid spark but it likely won’t last, at least not happily... To keep your fitness flame burning, you’re going to need to come from an internal place of love.

Every squat reminds your subconscious that you deserve to be able to sit down comfortably into your 80s. People really take their ability to move for granted when they’re younger. Working with clients aged 79-83 has given me a whole new perspective on this. And yes, they all squat.

Every push-up is celebrating the miraculous symphony of your brain cells sending electrical signals down your spinal cord to your various muscle cells as they move you through space- which is happening to like, the billionth power, in fractions of a second. It’s truly insane to think about. Check out this suuuuuuuuuper slo-mo animation of ONE of those signals:

These are the kind of things you can think about that will make push ups, squats, and/or any other exercise, instantly rewarding. Sometimes it can be hard to get yourself pumped up for a goal that feels so far away, like a certain number of pounds.

I know that sounds like some hippie newspeak maaaaannnnnn, so let me shoot you straight from an evolutionary perspective: We’re hard-wired to want to bang. Having helped dozens of people improve their fitness over the past 4+ years, I can tell you it leads to increased performance, as well as feeling more confident without clothes (and of course during the dressed lead-up phase).

Feel free to come join the Down With The Fitness Facebook Group so you can see all my future posts (and share any questions or comments). In 2019 there will be plenty of fitness and nutrition action steps covered in these blogs, but first you really gotta think about why they’re worth taking.

Like I said, I don’t know your reasons for wanting a healthier life and body. I assume if you’ve made it this far, you probably have some somewhere. I hope they propel you to that life and body you deserve in 2019 and beyond. If these blogs help in that process, I’ll be extra stoked.

Let’s have a great year,
Matt Koch