How To Use Kettlebells Without Banging Up Your Wrists

They're an awesome tool, but that's annoying.

December 19, 2018

Today’s #WeightRoomWednesday post comes from my friend Jordan Harder, a coach at Decater Performance in my old stomping grounds of Issaquah, who specializes in training high school athletes!

He made a very helpful tutorial on how to avoid one of the most annoying things about kettlebells, which is actually the very thing that has held ME back from using them more in my own training. I’ve had a great week putting these pointers into practice and have noticed awesome improvements, so I wanted to share the video in hopes you can experience similar results!

These techniques are total game changers that will open up a whole world of awesome exercise possibilities for you, but they still take some practice. I recommend you practice with a manageable amount of weight.

My pesky ego thought I should use 20s and after the first round, let’s just say my wrists thought 15s would be a better idea… I remind clients to use a manageable amount of weight just about every single day, and I still needed that reminder when it came time to practice something new.

That’s what I love about the gym. Henry Rollins said it best in Iron & The Soul: “The Iron will always kick you the real deal."

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Matt Koch