If I Had To Pick ONE Upper Body Exercise To Do Every Day For The Rest Of My Life, This Would Be It.

(It's actually 4 upper body exercises in one!)

December 7, 2018

I really, REALLY love today’s Friday Flow. I bust these out all the time in celebration of how cool the human body is. It’s a beautiful thing the way the muscles of my chest, core, legs, back, and shoulders all work together in unison to move my body through space and time. If that doesn't excite you, they'll also get you super shredded (dudes) and toned (ladies) so you can get laid more. That's also super sweet.

They are most definitely an advanced bodyweight movement, and they’re not worth doing with sh**y form. If it’s too intense, I’ll include the videos on how to do ¾ of the foundational movements below. Hopefully seeing this will inspire you to practice those fundamentals and work your way up to being able to do this beast of a flow sequence I call the T&A Push Up:

The only thing I forgot to point out in the video is how my feet are positioned at hip width (feel free to go a little wider) to allow for smooth and stable transitions between the plank and side planks.

If T&A Push Ups aren’t for you (YET), practice the individual exercises first, and work your way up to them! Remember, fundamentals are simple. NOT easy. If they’re easy, you’re doing them wrong. Read the full blog posts if you need pointers or reminders.

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of all the movements (or lack thereof, in the plank’s case) that make up the T&A Push Up:

  • It all starts with The Plank:

(long-ass blog post about it)

  • Then, you do a Push Up:

(long-ass blog post about it)

  • Then, you rotate into a Side Plank that’s slightly modified from this one but the same principles apply:

(long-ass blog post about it)

  • Then another push up, another side plank on the other side, rotate back into the regular plank and shove your ass up in the air and push the ground away from you for the "A". Back to the plank.

All that is ONE “rep”. I like 3 rounds of 5 myself. How many can you do??

If you need a sountrack, it will suprise absolutely no one who knows me, that I recommend Woodshed. They’re all I’m listening to right now. I scored an advance copy of their new album (which is SO SICK!) but until that comes out publicly; try out the T&A Push Ups to the soothing sounds of Squatch, a fan-favorite. Yes, I’m obviously one of those fans:

Questions/comments/awesomeness welcome in the Down With The Fitness Facebook Group!

Have fun and do your best!

Matt Koch