If You Sit A Lot, Your Hips And Spine Will Love This!

(biased fitness-guy says it's "fun" too!)

January 11, 2019

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Today’s #FridayFlow is a new variation based out of the 90/90, or shinbox position. This is great for people who sit a lot. It's also something I enjoy plugging in at the beginning or end of a workout. It can help you prevent being like this:

Play around with the sequence below and your spine and hips will be thanking you:

Note: I said “play around”, not “execute perfectly”, so just have some fun exploring the positions to the best of YOUR abilities. It’s definitely more on the advanced side, which is why it’s here and not on a #MobilityMonday like the original position was. Actually, since I’m a nice guy, I’ll link you to it again just in case...

This flow tackles mobility. I’ve also showed you awesome lower body, upper body, and full-body on Fridays past. None of them require equipment. All you need is practice. Have fun!

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Matt Koch