Intimidated by big dudes at the gym? Watch this:

They're really no different from you!

February 6, 2019

It’s #WeightRoomWednesday and it’s the first week of February, which means the weight room is significantly less crowded than a month ago. I obviously don’t mind this when I’m working out, but I also don’t want you to be a part of that statistic.

Part of the reason some people have fallen off, is because they feel uncomfortable in the gym. Part of the reason for this, is that they think they’re being judged by others. This is a good time to remind you that you are usually judging yourself WAYYYYYY harder than anyone else around you is (this applies outside the gym too, now that I think about it).

If you go to the gym thinking people are going to judge you, you’re going to think people are judging you when you get in there. The good news is the opposite is true too. If you go to the gym looking to be inspired by people just like you bettering themselves, you will feel inspired when you get there!

Need proof? Here’s a video from the great Jordan Syatt which will share some valuable perspective to help you overcome intimidation in the gym:

The top 3 most common fitness questions I get are: - 1️⃣How can I increase my motivation? - 2️⃣What are the best exercises to make my butt grow bigger than a fully grown mountain troll? - 3️⃣And how do I have 30-minute orgasms? - Wait. - Wow. - Wrong list. - 3️⃣ is, “How do I overcome being intimidated at the gym?” - That’s it. - Now. - This is, unmistakably, one of the most common questions I get every day. - Which means.... - you know what it means? - It means Voldemort has, indeed, returned. - But seriously, it means if you are intimidated or nervous or scared or self conscious in the gym...YOU ARE NOT ALONE. - You are, in fact, the majority. - Because, and I know it sounds crazy, you're human. And as a human, we all tend to have the same fears and worries and concerns. - Including the titanic, bearded, tattooed guys who look like they could pass as Hagrid’s half brother, Grawp. - We all get nervous. - We all get self-conscious. - And we all think, at one time or another, everyone is staring at us. - Which they aren’t. - Because just as you’re focused on you...everyone else is focused on themselves. - So get this. - As of this moment, you can no longer use intimidation as a reason for not going to the gym. - Toss it out. Can it. Roll it up and chuck that filthy piece of parchment in the bin. - Can you be intimidated? - Are you allowed to be? - Of course. - I wouldn’t tell you otherwise. - But I will tell you not to let your fear keep you from getting in the gym. - From working out. - Improving your health. - Getting stronger. - Getting leaner. - And doing whatever it takes to achieve your goals. - Intimidated? - Cool. - Recognize it. Feel it. See it for what it is. - Then kick your fears in the face and get your sumptuous Unicorn butt cheeks to the gym. - Because you have two choices. - 1️⃣ Be scared and let fear keep you from moving forward. - 2️⃣ Or be scared and overcome that feeling because you are worth it. - Either way, it's your choice. - Love you. - #gymlife #gymmotivation #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitnesscoach #strengthtraining #personaltrainer #personaltraining

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As you can see, just about everyone has struggled with their body image and confidence at one point or another (myself included). That’s usually why the people who are in the gym all the time (myself included), started going to the gym!

Growth rarely happens in your comfort zone. The gym is a great place to grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and/or spiritually. If any of those are your goals, and the thought of a gym makes you uncomfortable, you just proved my point that it’d be a great place for you. I hope today's post helps you get in there!

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