Matt's Top 5 #Pain2018 Moments

August 28, 2018

Another Pain in the Grass is in the books. I would say it was the best yet, at least for me. It was really fun Wayne’s World-ing all around the venue with my Staff pass. I caught some cool moments for the KISW facebook page, as I was instructed.

Finding cool moments was no problem. Picking my top 5 will no doubt be a royal pain in the ass (no pun intended), but I’m gonna do my best. Here we go..


5. Going on-stage at White River Amphitheater

Holy cow. I got to go up on the same stage that I’ve seen Audioslave, Slipknot, Jane’s Addiction, and countless other legendary artists, in front of thousands of amazing Rockaholics. I did it 3 times.

On Saturday I got to stand there solo, to bring up Bones, an awesome UK duo that made a bunch of new fans that day. That was hands-down the most amount of eyeballs I’ve ever had fixed on me at once. What a rush!

Friday night, I went up with my long-time radio brothers in Metal Shop as they handled the talking to bring up the almighty SLAYER! Saturday night the entire air staff came out as Steve Migs, who I’ve been listening to since high school, introduced us before Alice in Chains. It was beautiful. You were all in great form: maniacally screaming, cheering and throwing up the horns. The energy you sent us as we were up there was absolutely ELECTRIC! I’m still riding high from it!

I think I speak for everyone else when I say, it was a super badass reminder of why we all work so hard to be the best radio station on the planet: because we have the best fans on the planet!


4. Seeing all the amazing local musicians

Wow, we’re really spoiled here at KISW! Living in this awesome city with the best radio station and fans, we also have the best local talent! Hopefully you caught Bruiser Brody kick things off on Saturday and got to see Walking Papers a little later. (Bonus points if you caught their acoustic sets backstage at the Palace Law Premium Experience!) Those are two heavyweights that showed exactly why this is still, hands-down, the best town for local music.

It wasn’t just the awesome musicians on-stage that made this weekend so memorable to me. Perhaps you may have also noticed members of Year of the Cobra, Windowpane, Late September Dogs, and Wyatt Olney & the Wreckage, among others, roaming around the crowd having a great time.

If you couldn't tell by my fanboy smiles with Year of the Cobra and Tony from Windowpane above, these are some of the biggest rock stars in my little world. Their music makes the good times great and the bad times bearable. It was so cool to see them watching their idols- the biggest rock stars in the “real” world, who inspired them to make what has been the soundtrack to my life the past few years.


3. Meeting YOU, the Rockaholics!

(Defintely not the first time I've made a new friend because we were wearing the same band's shirt!)

(Definitely the first time someone's tattoo'd my name on them. Thanks Marty!)


Proof that this blog post is from the heart. Just in case you thought I was kissing your ass by calling the Rockaholics the best fans on the planet earlier, you’re planted squarely at number 3 for the weekend.

Now keep in mind the fact you made this list at all is a feat. This was a weekend loaded with awesome bands, my final Slayer pit,  two of the most life-affirming hugs you could ever possibly imagine (compliments of Ted and Taryn), and cuddling puppies backstage with Randy from Lamb of God. All of that gets filed under “Honorable Mention”.

It was just so awesome interacting with you cool people. Hearing stories of how Thee Podcast, or Down with the Fitness, have had a positive impact on your life, just lit me up inside.

It’s taken a weird set of sacrifices and life decisions to end up in this position. Sometimes I wonder if I was right to make them. If I made them just to stroke my own ego and have some sliver of notoriety, I don’t think I was. Hearing the stories, seeing the excitement, and feeling the gratitude of all the Rockaholics I met this weekend, let me know loud and clear that it was 100% a great idea to do everything it took to get here. No ragrets.


2. An extended loving embrace with the girl of my dreams during “Nutshell”

I told you, this one’s from the heart. We had a great time at a bunch of other points Saturday (like the one Vicky B captured during Bruiser Brody), but I had a lot going on all day. It was a chaotic whirlwind of awesomeness, but honestly it was exhausting.

By the time it was all said and done, it was just nice to go up to the lawn (where, as an added bonus, I could stand above her and actually feel tall for once, allowing for a forehead kiss that lasted at least half the song), and reflect on such an incredible weekend while holding my beautiful girlfriend.  It was absolute bliss. The perfect way to end 2 days of madness. But it wasn’t #1…


1. Seeing Migs and Glenn Cannon jam with STP!

Two of my favorite people, that I’m incredibly fortunate to call friends, got to get on stage with the one and only Stone Temple PIlots to play “Sex Type Thing” and they absolutely CRUSHED IT! I was up top where I could see the sea of thousands they were playing for and properly take in the epicness of this momentous occasion. They sounded amazing and the entire crowd was losing their sh**! I could barely believe what I was witnessing.

By the time it was over, I was ecstatic. And I had to pee. When I went backstage to hit the head, I got to see both of them, still sky-high on adrenaline like I’ve never seen before! Most people who get to rock crowds that big, do so professionally. I don’t want to say they’re “jaded”, but it’s a regular occurence in their lives. To get to interact with two of my friends who just did it for the first time, alongside some of their musical heroes, were some of the most awesome moments in a weekend full of them.

Thank YOU for coming out and making #Pain2018 as special as it was, Rockaholics. See you next year!

Matt Koch