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Give This Awesome Drill A Try Today!

November 26, 2018

Hope you had an awesome Thanksgiving weekend! Welcome back to the real world. It is another Mobility Monday here at Down With The Fitness.

Mobility has been defined (on this blog) as “Exercises that help you feel better, but don’t directly get you stronger or leaner.” Working on mobility will improved longevity and durability, but my favorite part is just that it feels really f***ing good in the process!

Max Shank is one of the masters of mobility and released this video almost a year ago. What’s cool about it, is it’s really just some guidelines for you to play around with and make your own. It's much more enjoyable and empowering than just hammering out a certain number of reps in an uncomfortable position just because cuz some jackass on the internet said so. I’ve practiced these principles consistently since last December and they still help me feel awesome!

Hip mobility is important for physical performance in the gym and across just about every sport I can think of off the top of my head. If you’re not as physically active, it might be even MORE important because you’re probably sitting a bunch and your hips are tightening up- pulling on your low back, hamstrings, and/or knees, possibly causing discomfort in the process. Yowza!

The 90-90/shinbox position is a great one to clear all this up, no matter which camp you fall in. Max breaks it down and sums it up as good as anyone in this video.

There are so many possibilities here! Explore the movements and positions at your own pace and let me know how you feel.

Have fun and do your best!

Matt Koch