Read This If You Find The Gym Intimidating

November 21, 2018

Being able to do bodyweight exercises anywhere anytime is awesome. The gym is also awesome. I’ve written a lot of blogs on bodyweight exercises, and recently started Weight Room Wednesday as a place to show the gym some love too.

Even at peak hours when it’s packed (I see you coming, January!), I look around and think “holy smokes, look at all these people taking time from their busy day to come in here and improve themselves!! Where else can you get that??” Just a fun perspective shift from “holy smokes, look at all these people in my way! Are they judging me, too??”

If you’re in the gym improving yourself, and someone IS judging you, they are the problem in that scenario. Most the time, they are NOT judging you! They are likely much more caught up in improving themselves (and their own biceps). Even if they ARE more caught up in judging you than improving themselves, that's a surefire sign that their judgments don’t matter. F*** em. They are certainly not worth depriving yourself of the physical, mental, and emotional growth you stand to gain in the gym.

Hopefully that will help you jump one of the common mental hurdles I hear in regards to stepping foot on the magical land of empowerment, conquered goals, and the ensuing confidence, known as the gym floor.

Be sure to check out last week's post for the top 5 things you should know before going in there!

Matt Koch