Do This Exercise to Hit Five Different Muscle Groups At Once

September 26, 2018

Welcome back to Down With The Fitness, your one-stop shop for at-home bodyweight exercises and bitchin’ music to play while you do them!

How’s your habit of drinking a glass of water and doing ten squats when you wake up going?

I can’t believe I’ve been posting these blogs for over a year now! I know my super sporadic posts are really delighting our social media team (love ya’ll!) but I’m one man, and I’m focused on quality over quantity.

After all, these have the power to really change Rockaholics’ minds, bodies, and lives. More accurately, YOU have the power to change YOUR mind, body, and life... These blogs are capable of guiding you through the process.

I feel a great responsibility to not f*** that up. In theory, there’s enough content already in the archives to empower you to change your mind, body, and life, should you choose to do so.

Matter of fact, I DARE you to read, watch, and apply everything I’ve already gone over, stick with it for a year, and tell me your life got worse for it ;) I’ll literally give you a free year of nutrition coaching if that happens!!

I really appreciate the fact that you take the time to read these. For real. It’s SO cool to have the opportunity to impact your life in a positive way!! I love being out at a show and hearing about how you prefer dead bugs to crunches now  (same for elevated vs. knee push-ups), or how your shoulder pain went away with a daily dose of the ITYW sequence. These stories are all proof of my theory that taking control of your fitness and nutrition is a springboard to an awesome life!

Did you notice I said “taking control of” your fitness and nutrition, as opposed to “being perfect about”?

By “taking control”, I mean:

Realizing that you have choices, determining the possible outcomes of these choices, and then weighing those possible outcomes against one another to make decisions that make you happy.

So many things are seemingly out of our control these days, but you can always choose to make a slightly healthier eating choice or get some bodyweight exercises into your day. That’s what I love about this stuff. Fitness and nutrition are two controllable variables that build momentum for other areas of life.

In the past, I’ve encouraged you to approach this fitnes and nutrition thing as an experiment to find what you can and WILL do regularly. We’re not looking for the “perfect” diet or exercise routine here (those don’t exist anyway).

It’s smart to start with manageable daily actions- the smaller the better- like X amount of time exercising, Y fist-sized servings of vegetables , Z ounces of water, etc... Set these daily goals in the “can do” realm. You want to be at an 8+ confidence level that you can consistently do them (on a scale of 1-10).

Then you branch out into the “WILL do” realm. This where the fun starts. If the fun doesn’t start here, keep experimenting til you find some damn fun! Why? Maybe it’s obvious by the way I set this up, but if it’s fun, you WILL actually do it.

I get excited for my Friday morning deadlift and curl sessions and my Tuesday morning swims. I’m pumped every time I have a few minutes to crank out some pull ups at the gym. Bodyweight flow sequences around the station at night? Love them! When I run, it’s because I FEEL like running (usually from my emotions).

I enjoy my unique approach. Taryn bikes and does goat yoga. Ted has an affinity for hitting the heavy bag in a dingy basement like he’s Rocky. Castle and Miles run half-marathons through caves.

@ryandic and @milesmensroom before the Cascade Express Half Marathon Saturday morning.

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For most people, there is a lot of progress to be made by just sticking to doing things you actually LIKE doing, and doing them as much as possible. Or at least, trying new forms of physical activity until you find something you like, THEN doing them as much as possible.

These things don’t need to be exercises I’ve gone over. I think these are a good starting point, and compliment most other activities very well (particularly all these mobility drills), but finding what works for you is an individual undertaking. It’s not an undertaking that needs to suck, though.

Today’s exercise is a great one for many reasons. It can be done a variety of ways for different body types and desired effects.

They are helpful in developing more mobility, muscle, balance, coordination, and even cardio, depending on how you execute them. I’m going to explain them in a broad sense so you can experiment with them and find your ideal approach, once you’re done reading this explanation.

For now, just get familiar with the Walk Out. However you do them, they will light up your core, arms, legs, shoulders, and chest. All these muscle groups get worked slightly differently, at different times, as the body is moving. This is good.

They will also come in handy when we start combining exercises for some awesome flow sequences to take things to the next level!


3 Focus Points

  • Bend over to get your hands on the ground.
  • “Walk” your hands forward until you find yourself in a rock-solid plank.
  • “Walk” your hands back and return to standing.

Pace: Ideally, each one takes an average of 15 seconds. Hold the plank at the bottom for a deep breath in and out.

Programming Suggestions: I’ll come back and update this ;) but for now just set the clock for 5 minutes and do as many as you can, resting as needed. Less rest = more cardio challenge.

To Make Them Easier: Don’t go all the way into the plank. Just work with what you can comfortably control.

To Make Them Harder: Add time. Go Slower. Hold the plank harder and longer... Haha.

Recommended Listening: You’re probably thinking “Walk” by Pantera. That would make a lot of sense.The reality is, though, that I just can’t get enough of this new Jericho Hill!! No matter how fitting a song by one of my all-time favorite bands would be here, I’ve gotta go with the local boys. They CRUSHED IT on this new album. It’s been on repeat in and out of the gym.

In the Programming Suggestions I said, “just set the clock for 5 minutes” and wouldn’t you know it, the monstrous album-opener “Undress My Bones”, is almost exactly 5 minutes! You even get a creepy little toy intro to get set up.

They also just released a bitchin’ video for it, produced by Hemp Films, who have been documenting all sorts of local awesomeness on their facebook and youtube pages lately!

Crank the volume up and get to walking!

Take great care,