The same chemical that makes you love fast food can also help you love exercise...

March 23, 2018

To misquote the great Rick James, dopamine is a hell of a drug.

Actually he said that about cocaine, which lights up your dopamine receptors and makes you want more... Dopamine does that with a bunch of things- in today’s world, many of these things aren’t the healthiest.

In this weeks Down With the Fitness Vlog, I take what I DO understand (I think), and talk about how to use dopamine to your advantage and implement healthier habits that will stick long-term because you're engineering them on such a primal, instinctual level!

I think I got all my facts (mostly) straight. It’s a deep crazy rabbit hole of neurochemistry that I don’t claim to fully understand. I'm fascinated by it all though, and I had fun talking about it. I think it can help you change your mindset around nutrition and fitness. Hope you enjoy!

New here? Check out this introductory post to help you put the pieces together and get started with a daily fitness routine!

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Take Great Care!

-Matt Koch