Seven Things You Could Do Today To Improve Your Health

November 15, 2018

It's time for a Thursday Thought here at Down With The Fitness. I say this to clients every single day, so now I'll say it to you: Control your variables.

I look at fitness, nutrition, and life in general, as a big experiment. There are countless constantly-shifting variables. Some of these are things we can control, some of them are things we can’t control.

When you control enough of the things you can control, eventually the things you can’t control will drive you a little less crazy. You don’t need to control them perfectly, just well enough. That’s a subjective target that looks different for everyone. Improvement not perfection.

The first step is realizing how much power you actually have. Most of us (myself included!) have a lot of variables that we COULD control, if we chose to. It’s common to want to ignore them or make excuses for why you “can’t” control them, as if you’d be admitting you’re a failure for not controlling them. You're not a failure, you're human. But willful ignorance and excuses will not get you anywhere.

So your other option is to look at these uncontrolled variables as a bunch of opportunities to improve! That may feel overwhelming, but you don’t need to control them all at once! I already said you don’t need to control them perfectly either, so just take an honest look at your habits and start noticing where you do or don’t have control.

Once you’ve gathered some data for your experiment, you can choose which variable you want to start gradually improving, as well as how gradually you want to improve them. I recommend selecting the one you think will be either the most beneficial, most simple, or most fun. Go one at a time, and as you find ones that work for you, you can start stacking in new ones on top of that.

Some ideas to get you started: adding a glass of water to your morning; doing 10 squats; eating more salad (or veggies in general); adding a glass of water with each meal; doing 10 push ups ; eating more protein; taking a few deep breaths in stressful situations.

These variables are all in your realm of control. None of them are overly-complicated or involve taking away things you like. Hope they help. Now, experiment away!

Have fun and do your best,

Matt Koch