Throw Some Fun Into Your Fitness With This Flow Sequence!

December 21, 2018

Thanks for checking out Down with the Fitness, a daily guide to help you improve your health, and your life, in manageable steps!

Today’s #FridayFlow is a follow up to last week’s introduction to the bear crawl. As I said last week: “This is an awesome exercise for building a ton of upper body and core strength WHILE improving your joint health AND challenging your motor control. That's a lot of cool, helpful stuff!”

This week we add in a glute bridge, as well as a spinny transition thing that looks sick and provides a fun new challenge, for people who have already mastered Part 1 (here is the link to that again, just in case.)

I’ll be back next week with Part 3 and another new move that starts from the bear crawl position. Have some fun practicing this in the meantime. (Unless of course you’re still working on mastering Part 1 from last week, because that’s super smart and worthwhile to do first!)

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Matt Koch