Thursday Q & A: "No gym. Best simple cardio workout in under 30 minutes?"

Hint: It's a 4-letter word...

January 10, 2019

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Today’s #ThursdayQandA came from a loyal Rockaholic who is looking for a simple cardio workout he can do in 30 minutes without gym access. I sent him a one-word response:


I immediate sent a follow up email that said: “I just wanted to send the one word response for emphasis. It's that good of an idea. Happy New Year! Work your way up to 30 minutes gradually (as gradually as you want/need), then do it consistently. SO underrated and as simple as it gets. The only thing stopping you is thinking it's too simple. I'm not bullshi**ing you.”

So there you have my advice on simple cardio. It is the BEST solution for that. It’s also massively underrated for weight loss. But the reason I REALLY love walking because of the mental benefits of getting out in the world and moving around.

Walking has an interesting effect on thoughts, as it can either help quiet them or lead to really good ones. It also has a mysterious way of “knowing” when to do which. Perhaps that’s why people say it helps “clear your mind”.

One other thing I’ll say, is if you CAN walk, please do not take that privilege for granted. There are people who cannot. I watched my grandma lose that ability and it gave me a new sense of gratitude for this awesome gift.

Regardless of your reasoning, I highly recommend walking and wanted to show it some love!

Grab a coat. Get out in the weather, embrace and appreciate living here, and:

(You knew it was coming!)

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Matt Koch