Thursday Q&A: "43. Thinking about getting in shape, lacking motivation..."

Sound familiar?

January 17, 2019

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Today’s #ThursdayQandA comes from a Rockaholic whose message didn’t contain any personally-revealing info so I can use it verbatim:

“Hey dude! So I have been thinking about getting myself back in shape as I am completely unhappy with how I’ve let myself go. I’m turning 43 this month and I have done the workout thing before but as I get older the motivation factor starts to become less and less. And then I know this dude named Matt Koch, that I met at Pain in the Grass last year and he seems like a pretty cool dude. Maybe I can get some motivation from following your page and tips! Thanks for keeping it rocking man!!!”

My response was as follows (edited for asterisks and readability):

“Awesome, man! Great meeting you. You listen to Thee Podcast? We talk a lot about being motivated by love, not fear. As it pertains to fitness and health, when you turn to motivation, make sure it's from a place of self-love. I know it sounds like some hippie bullsh** but it's also hugely practical, because the alternative is doing it because you hate yourself- what you've become, what people think, all the awful sh** that could happen as a result of neglecting your health over the years, et..

I'd much rather see you be like, “Fu** yeah! My brain can send signals all the way down to my goddamn toes, in fractions of a second, so I can walk, while my eyes are processing all the information of my surroundings in real-time so I don't fuckin faceplant right on the sidewalk.” We're just talking walking, but you can ALSO love the miracles of your body's various systems during push-ups, pull-ups, deadlifts, squats, lunges, and rows (pretty much all you need to build strength). Hell, you wanna get into how insane the digestive system is?? There's a lot of gratitude to tap into when you realize the processes by which your body automatically breaks the food you eat down into energy and the building blocks of your entire body. Then maybe it's a little easier to take care of that with some protein and veggies on a regular basis, versus chasing some number on a scale cuz some magazine or whatever said some sh**. Ya feel me? So that's my thoughts on motivation.

The reality is though, that's only gonna take you so far. There are times where you just buckle down and build discipline. You know what to do. Hold yourself to the standard of a person who does that sh**. All my clients are the same people they were before I started working with them, but they view themselves as the "fit person" and take the actions of a "fit person". Anyways yeah, would love to have ya in the FB group so you can stay up to date on my posts about fitness and nutrition”

Matt Koch