Thursday Q&A: Keto...?

One Nutrition Coach's Thoughts on the Biggest Diet of 2018!

January 31, 2019

Today’s #ThursdayQandA is about KETO!

Man, if I had a nickel for every time someone asked me about it in 2018…

First off, let’s get it out of the way. I do not eat a ketogenic diet. I f***ing love carbs. A lot. That said, I’m not here to project what works for ME onto you. You reading this indicates some level of genuine interest in keto, and I want you to stay sane if you do decide to experiment with it! (Maybe you'll be like "Damn, Matt makes a lot of sense. I'm gonna hit up the Down With The Fitness archives and join the Facebook Group so I can see all his future posts!" I don't know your life. I digress...)

There’s that word again: Experiment. I bring it up to remind you that you are the lead scientist in your own personal nutrition experiment!! Your unique physiology, lifestyle, and taste buds mean you may not experience the same results as someone else did by following their method. Furthermore, there is no "failing" in an experiment. Just data. Learn from it and move on.

Keto is awesome because it cuts out all the bullsh** “American carbs”. Those aren’t doing us any favors nutritionally. Eliminating things loaded with white flour & sugar is going to get serious results seriously fast because it's just about guaranteed to significantly reduce your calorie intake, especially given how most people eat before committing to such an intense diet approach!

It’s not that keto is magical. You can get similar results by focusing on getting 5 fist-sized servings of vegetables, and 5 palm-sized portions of protein each day. You could focus on eating local and seasonal when possible.

Whoa... That’s a lot of options to explore just in those simple “keto-friendly” guidelines that you could totally figure out on your own with a can-do attitude and the gazillion recipes available online! But now you’re in control of your experiment. Not being told what to do by someone on the internet. I mean sh**, once you get good and consistent at that, you could even call it keto if you want!

Or you could go to town on “smart carbs” like fruit, beans, and whole grains for more options! Honestly, if you were eating like that let’s say, 90% of the time (I bet 80 would work too), you could just chill out and enjoy the occasional slice of pizza or cupcake. I call this “modified keto” and like keto, a lot of my clients see awesome results with it. Unlike keto, they feel like they could HAPPILY eat that way for the rest of their lives.

The point is being in control of your eating choices. I’m not saying keto sucks (if I were taking that stance toward a KISW crowd, I’d point out how much you have to limit beer consumption!) I’m certainly not saying go keto.

I’m saying think about what you put into your mouth. That’s it. It’s the simplest and best thing you can do, keto or not.