Try This Simple Full-Body Mobility Drill Today!

Once again, "simple" does not mean "easy"! ;)

February 11, 2019

Happy Snowpacaplyse! Today’s #MobilityMonday drill is one I came up with this week that will help keep your hips, spine, and shoulders happy… At the same time! Those are the 3 main areas to keep a focus on with mobility work because they are the most commonly jacked-up in today’s world. Pardon my lack of technical terms; I’m not here to get all science-y about it.

I've descibed mobility in the past as "stuff that's going to feel good, but not necessarily get you stronger right away", with the subtle implication that it helps you get stronger in the long run, if that's your thing.

Try it out for yourself. It’ll probably feel good (maybe in a challenging-good way). Then you’ll wanna keep doing it regularly cuz it feels good, and it feels good to get better at it. Then you'll likely notice long-term benefits like less nagging aches and pains in more areas than just the hips, spine, and shoulders. It also makes a great warm-up before the gym, in which case you can expect performance improvements- particularly for squats or overhead stuff.

This is basically a modified version of a drill I call the “Orb”, named after the rad-ass song by The Mothership, so this seems like a fantastic time to share this Seattle masterpiece with you and we can both enjoy how YouTube’s AI mistakenly has a song that starts with Jeffrey Dahmer talking about eating people, labelled as “gospel/religious”. Think it's safe to say we’re still a few years off from that robot takeover, friends!

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Matt Koch