Undo the Spinal Stress of Sitting with this Simple Move!

November 12, 2018

Alright, welcome to the first day of the rest of Down with the Fitness! We’re switchin’ things up a little and I’m going to be bringing you more stuff more often, in shorter bits. On that note, welcome to the first installment of Mobility Monday!

Mobility Monday is a great way to start your week with some non-strenuous movement that will leave you feeling AWESOME!

Today you’re going to learn how to do one of the most fundamental, impactful mobility exercises out there. You may have even tried it before…

It’s called the Cat Cow, frequently referred to as the Cat Camel, and it is a great movement to explore your spinal control. If you think of your spine like a freeway, connecting all the cities and neighborhoods of your body, most people’s spines are constantly stuck in gridlock traffic (partially due to too many hours sitting a car)!

My friend Jeremy Abramson from E3 Lifestyle is gonna walk you through how to do the Cat Cow the RIGHT way so you can get the most benefit, and feel like you’re cruisin’ the open spinal road with the top down and KISW cranked to 11!

-- Cat Cow -- • This is a great movement that we often see in yoga classes. But are you moving your spine with intention? • It’s not just about going from flexion to extension, but the process of how you get there. • Focus on initiating the movement from the lumbar spine (lower back). Exhale as you round your back and inhale as you straighten it. • • #E3 #MobilityMonday #Spine #Yoga #Breathing #Movement #MiamiYogis #AnimalFlow #BackPain #SunnyIsles

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Notice how slow and smooth his movement is. That’s the kind of control you’re after.

Try a few rounds of these today and see how you feel. Have fun and do your best!

Matt Koch