Your Ticket to Stronger, Healthier Legs

4 Moves in 1; 4 Benefits in 1.

February 8, 2019

Today’s #FridayFlow will torch your lower body in all the right ways. Multiple muscles, ligaments, and tendons working in multiple planes of motion to improve your leg strength, mobility, stability, and motor control, all at once! The human body is an incredible thing, and this will put yours to the test!

I named it the Hipster because it's good for your hips, not because it's pretentious. Although I wouldn't mind seeing it surge in popularity (this would be very good for our population that sits too much) and telling people I liked it before it was mainstream.

If you need to break it down into its parts, you can work on the 4 foundational exercises that make up this flow. The 90/90 (or shinbox), glute bridge, lunge, and squat are all worth mastering on their own. Combining them to form a Hipster is just for fun (it’s also massively efficient and beneficial!)

Thanks to the great Dean Somerset for this one. That guy has taught me so much. Check out his blog for a deeper dive on training stuff, and his program High Tensile Strength for an awesome workout plan.

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Have fun and do your best,

Matt Koch