Did Chad Kroeger Just Say Stone Sour is the Lite Version of Nickelback?

June 19, 2017
Chad Kroeger of Nickelback

USA Today

Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger was hating on Stone Sour—calling them “Nickelback Lite”—and Slipknot in a recent interview. More specifically, the shade was directed at Corey Taylor, a member of both bands.

During an interview with Sweden’s Metal Covenant, Kroeger talked about songwriting and how Nickelback’s music has such a broad range that it’s something you can relate to no matter what mood you’re in, claiming it’d be tough to find a band more diverse than them. He challenged the interviewer to do just that—to name a band more diverse than Nickelback—to which the interviewer responded with Stone Sour. Kroeger’s response? They’re trying to be like Nickelback, and in fact, they’re just the lite version of Nickelback.

According to Kroeger, Corey Taylor’s had some harsh words for him in the press, claiming writing hits is easy. But in the below interview, Kroeger responds by essentially telling Taylor to go out and write a hit, then—because if it’s so easy, he should have some hits. He also says that music should be enough—it shouldn’t need the antics that Slipknot gives onstage. Damn.

Hear it all from Kroeger in the interview below (around the 8:15 mark):



While Nickelback’s Feed the Machine dropped June 16, Stone Sour will be releasing a new album of their own, Hydrograd, on June 30.