EXCLUSIVE: Godsmack Take Us Behind the “Bulletproof” Video

Find out how the hilarious video came to be

May 16, 2018

Godsmack recently released When Legends Rise—their seventh studio album and first record in four years. And while you’ve been over there debating whether you’re hearing “Yanny” or “Laurel,” we were talking to Godsmack about the album.

Specifically, the guys walked us through their perfectly hilarious “Bulletproof” video, which features everything from the Kentucky waterfall-loving Billy Ray Cyrus to Sebastian Bach and even Salvatore Pasquale (you know—Sully Erna’s long-lost Sicilian cousin)!

If you're wondering how that eclectic mix of humans made it into the same music video or how Robbie Merrill ended up in a Gene Simmons costume, Erna explains: “Some of it happened really organically—other stuff was a little bit more scripted out.” Below, find out which of the video's funniest moments were intentional and which were invented on the fly.

After that, it only seems appropriate that we should revisit the "Bulletproof" video one last time, right?

We’ll have more Godsmack headed your way—check back soon for part two of our interview with the band!