Kurt Cobain's Artwork to Debut at Seattle Art Fair

June 29, 2017
Seattle skyline


Two of Kurt Cobain’s paintings, as well as several notebooks, have surfaced and will make their debut at the Seattle Art Fair in August, reports The New York Times

So, what kind of artwork are we talking? You know one of the paintings as the Incesticide album artwork. The other is being compared to the likes of Norwegian painter Edvard Munch.



The pieces had been in storage since the Nirvana frontman’s death in 1994 and were recently discovered by United Talent Agency’s visual arts division, which works with Courtney Love and represents the estate. While the artwork will be displayed at UTA’s art fair booth, the agency’s fine arts director, Joshua Roth, made it clear that none of Cobains’s artwork will go on sale, as it’s too important to the family (not to mention too difficult to slap a price tag on).

Still, while the artwork will be on the fair’s display from August 3-6, there seems to be a possibility that this will become a “touring exhibition,” featuring Cobain’s artwork and personal items, comparable to The Rolling Stones one in London.