Men's Room Movember!

November 3, 2016

Hola Bitcholas! It is that time once again to creep out your friends and family. Movember is here and we invite you to join The Men’s Room team as we raise funds for men’s health. More specifically, for prostate and testicular cancer which if undetected can be fatal. This is our 9th year celebrating the glorious mustache lifestyle and we’d like you to join us. Personally, my attempts at growing a 'stache have been weak to say the least. Quite frankly, I look awful. My wife hates it, my kids hate it, my sister hates it, my Mom especially hates it because she says I look like my Dad and my friends constantly make fun of it. Still I 'stache on my friends despite the objection of every woman I know. It’s for a good cause and I can guarantee a month of not getting laid. Like I said, good times!