Ted's Blog: Championship Weekend

January 20, 2017

This is Championship weekend in the NFL and if you are a football fan, I assume you will be watching. Now let's take your allegiance to the Seattle Seahawks out of this and let's talk about the two teams that are still in the playoffs. Now, I know it will be hard because some teams have people you don't like and I get that, but well, but NOTHING, Ted. Let's do some picking and some hating on teams.  

Atlanta is my pick for the NFC for a few reasons and number one is I just don't like Aaron Rogers that much. I don't have a ton of reasons why and I do think he is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL but just not a fan. I don't really have any feelings about the Atlanta Falcons, but I think it would be cool to see some new blood in the playoffs. Green Bay is a team that, year in and year out, makes the playoffs so I am bit tired of them. I also have a buddy that went to Boston College when Matt Ryan was there so that makes me a bit of Falcons fan for the weekend. Alas, the Falcons also knocked out the Seahawks so it is good to cheer for the team that beat you or so the saying goes. Either way, I am picking the Falcons as a close one, but they pull away to win in the 4th by 13 points.

New England is my pick for the AFC championship for the same weak reasons. Let's be honest here and admit both the Pittsburg Steelers and the New England Patriots are annoying since they are in the playoffs every damn year. Hell, it seems like they are in the running to be legit Super Bowl contenders every year. Both of these fan bases have fans that can be tough to take as they are everywhere, but if this weekend you have to pick one, I am going to pick New England. As I said before, maybe just because my cousin is a huge Pats fan. So whoever you pick, enjoy the games and have a great weekend!