Ted's Blog: Locker Rooms

January 18, 2017

This is clearly the year of locker room talk. We all know all too well the infamous line from President Elect Donald Trump and the excuse of whether or not it was just locker room talk. Well, locker room talks are a bit of a different subject and they are now in the forefront because of Antonio Brown and the choice he made to Facebook Live the post game speech by his coach. Now, I am a fan of sports and have played different sports growing up and, to me, the locker room is a special place that you should not be in unless you are on the team. I will say that I saw the Seahawks locker room at the VMAC, but that was the practice facility and it was not a game day. Also, a player (Luke Willson) took us in there, so we checked it out. The locker room after a big game when the coach is speaking is not for public access. It is also a time when the players are having fun and some things get said that would not get said publicly. After a big game like that, people are excited and talking trash, but again it is just for the team. I am sure they are places in almost any workplace like this. I mean you can go to a firehouse, but you don't jump in their rooms. I also think about when I was a janitor, we even had a break room that was off limits to anyone not on our crew. I do think after the coach has talked and the fun is over people can come in, but let's not Facebook Live the speech. The Steelers will be fine and Antonio Brown will play, but will be fined and learn a hard lesson. Is nothing sacred people?!