Ted's Blog: Seahawks' Playoffs

January 13, 2017

Alright, here we go again in Seattle. It is time for the divisional playoff round. It's funny, when I was a kid growing up in PG County, Maryland, we were all Redskins fans and honestly we got used to being in the playoffs all the time. I mention this because Washington has not been very good the last twenty years and making the playoffs got hard for them. I think people in Seattle should still be excited about playoffs and not get bored with it. Playoffs in the NFL are hard to come by and honestly once you are in, it is fun and exciting for the whole city. It is also nice in my mind because it also makes January more fun. Let's be honest here, after the holidays are over and there's no more fun Christmas stuff to do or parties to attend, the playoffs are a good excuse to have fun with friends.

The Seahawks are now into the second round of the playoffs and rolling along but they face a very good team this weekend in Atlanta. It is kind of funny to me that they are back in Atlanta for playoffs since they played a few years ago and lost a thriller. The Seahawks also played the Falcons already this year and beat them but that game was here in Seattle. This is going to a tough one and I can't lie to you, but the point I'm trying to make today is - enjoy it. Have some friends over and enjoy the day. Cook some good food and enjoy a beverage of your choice. It might be beers, but if you are a dry January person then I suggest you get some Kool-Aid. Have fun this week, enjoy the game and Go Hawks!