Lamb Of God Strike Gold

Virginia Metal Powerhouse Hits Landmark In Career

May 19, 2016

Photo by "Iron" Mike Savoia


In the always tumultuous and constantly changing climate of the current rock music industry, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for bands to sell a couple hundred albums. It’s not 2000 anymore, where bands like Linkin Park and Korn were going platinum. The industry has been downsized by illegal file sharing, streaming and a constant shift away from physical media.

For these reasons, it is a huge accomplishment for a metal band to hit a milestone like Lamb Of God just did. Recently, it was confirmed that Lamb Of God’s 2004 Epic Records release “Ashes of The Wake” earned the GOLD record certification through RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America.) To be given this certification, an artist must sell 500,000 copies of said album. This is a huge accomplishment for any artist, and damn near impossible for a metal band in 2016.

Congratulations to Lamb of God for continuing to be the beacon of hope for metal heads worldwide amongst a continuously homogenized world of buzz bands.