Metal Shop Playlist for December 3rd, 2016

December 6, 2016

King Diamond – No Presents For Christmas
I Declare War – Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
Lemmy Kilmister – Run Run Rudolph
Amon Amarth – Raise Your Horns 
Hatebreed – Slaughtered In Their Dreams
Serpentine Dominion – Jagged Cross Legions
Testament – Brotherhood of the Snake
Lamb of God – The Duke 
Gatecreeper – Flamethrower
Meshuggah – Our Rage Won’t Die 
Gojira – Stranded

From the Vault
Atrocity – Fatal Step (1990)

Obituary – Chopped In Half
Abysmal Dawn – Grotesque Modern Art
Macabre – Hitchhiker 
Cannibal Corpse – Edible Autopsy
Morbid Angel – Immortal Rites
Pig Destroyer – Terrifyer

Brutal Poetry
Cryptopsy – Benedictine Convulsions

Abnormality – Irreversible
Carcass- Heartwork
Cattle Decapitation – Regret and the Grave

Caught In A Mosh
Integrity – Taste My Sin
Circle Of Dead Children – We Who Move With The Graven Worms
Birdflesh – Alive Autopsy
Discordance Axis – Castration Rite
Ringworm – One Of Us Going To Have To Die
The Hope Conspiracy – Escapist
Ramallah – Days Of Revenge

Blind Guardian – Children Of The Smith
Pantera – I’m Broken

The Beard Pick 

Martyrdod – Wipeout
Overkill – Old Wounds, New Scars
Insomnium – Winter’s Gate Part 4
Beyond Theory – Rude awakening
Motorhead – We Are The Road Crew
Hollow Earth – Of Steel And Bone

The Dubsack
Brunt – Blackbeard
The Obsessed – Sodden Jackyl

Iron Maiden – The Trooper
Slayer – Blood Red
In Flames – Whoracle
Nile – Cast Down The Heretic
Soulfly – Redemption Of Man By God
Death Angel – The Moth
All Shall Perish – Procession Of Ashes
Dio – God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen