Metal Shop Playlist for July 16th, 2016

July 20, 2016

Nasum – Alert
Himsa - Kiss or Kill 
Despised Icon - Bad Vibes
Napalm Death - How the Years Condemn 
Enslaved - 1000 Years of Rain 
Slayer - At Dawn They Sleep
Ringworm – Innocent Blood
Suicidal Tendencies – Give it Revolution
Gojira – The Cell
GWAR – Let us Slay
At The Gates – Suicide Nation
Wolf Hoffman – Night on Bald Mountain

From the Vault
Sick of it all – Clobberin Time/ Pay the Price

The Resistance – Expand or Expire
Iron Maiden – The Evil That Men Do
Fallujah – The Void Alone
Megadeth – Dystopia
Pantera – Domination

Brutal Poetry
Magrudergrind – Siphon then Slit

Omnium Gatherum – The Pit
After the Burial – Lost in the Static
Slipknot – Eyeless
Katalepsy – Marching Through Graveyards
Devotion – Ocean of Grief 
Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats – Over and Over Again

Caught in a Mosh 
Urethral Defecation – Gutted
Integrity – Taste My Sin
Rotten Sound – Superior
Forced Order – New Forms
Pig Destroyer – Eve

Arkaik – The Temple Aflame
Judas Priest – Riding on the Wind
Vader – Triumph of Death
Toxic Holocaust – Nuke the Cross

The Beard Pick 
Ursut – Helt Javla Vanlig

Deceptionist – Through the Veil
Down – Temptation’s Wing
Soilwork – These Absent Eyes
Testament – The New Order
Bolt Thrower – The 4th Crusade
Municipal Waste – Set to Destruct

The Dubsack 
16 – Gallows Humor
Atoma – Cloud Nine

Metal Allegiance – We Rock 
Dark Tranquility – Icipher
Motorhead – Live the Wind
Dethklok – I Ejaculate Fire
Dimmu Borgir – Spellbound by the Devil
Death – Flattening of Emotions
Sepultura – Territory
Gojira – Pray
Dying Fetus – Stop at Nothing
The Crown – Under the Whip