Metal Shop Playlist for June 25th, 2016

June 29, 2016

Wormed – Pseudo Horizon 
Grave – Behold the Flame
Soilwork - Helsinki
Exhumed – As Hammer To Anvil
Incantation – Rotting Spritual Embodiment
Decapitated – Spheres of Madness
Arch Enemy – Never Forgive, Never Forget
Opeth – The Funeral Portrait

From the Vault

Pestilence – Stigmatized (1991)

Slayer – Seasons in the abyss
Accept – Balls to the wall
Lamb of God – Desolation
GWAR – martyrdumb

Brutal Poetry
Epicardiectomy – Gobbling the Erupted Intestinal Mash

Overkill – Powersurge (live)
Megadeth – Peace Sells
Katatonia – Murder

Caught in a Mosh
Flesh Parade – Fat and Gristle 
Nails – Parasite
Nasum – welcome breeze of stinking air
Broken Teeth – prove you wrong
Rotten Sound – Canon Fodder
Mizery – Discrimination of eye
Napalm Death – You Suffer
Population Reduction – hash smoking grind freaks

Obscura – Ten Sepiroth
Unearth – equinox
Ringworm – Shades of Blue

Beard Pick

LLNN – monolith

Napalm Death – Nazi Punks F Off
Revocation – Crumbling Imperium
Black Sabbath – Neon Nights
Iced Earth – 1776
Power Trip – Divine Apprehension

Clutch – Droid
Dopethrone – Dark Foil

Bolt Thrower - Ritual
Manowar –brothers of metal
Nailbomb – Sum of Your Achievements
Down – The Seed
Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats – Over and Over Again
Machine Head – Is There Anybody Out There?
Fallujah – Amber Gaze
Amorphis – The Four Wise Ones
Death – Zero Tolerance
Sabaton – Resist and Bite
Autopsy – Mangled Far Below
Alcest – Percees De Lumiere