Metal Shop Playlist for March 11th, 2017

March 14, 2017

Power Trip – Waiting Around To Die
Harakiri For The Sky – The Traces We Leave 
Mastodon – Andromeda
Helloween – Judas
Morbid Angel – Pain Divine
Between The Buried And Me – Informal Gluttony
The Resistance – Expand Or Expire
At The Gates – Suicide Nation
Obituary – A Lesson in Vengeance
The Sword – Dream Thieves
Shai Hulud – Two And Twenty Misfortunes

From The Vault
Medieval Steel – Medieval Steel (1984)

Serpentine Dominion – The Vengeance In Me
Slipknot – Eyeless (live)
Body Count – The Ski Mask Way
Seven Generations – Vanguard
Strung Out – Bark At The Moon

Brutal Poetry 
Vomitory – Chainsaw Surgery

Doomriders – Ride Or Die
Slayer – Dissident Aggressor
Anthrax – Indians
Killswitch Engage – Self Revolution
Eluvietie – The Call Of The Mountains

Caught In A Mosh 
Hatebreed – Everyone Bleeds Now 
Last Days Of Humanity – Covered In Feces As Decoration
Napalm Death – Nazi Punks F Off
No Warning – A Day In The Life
Gravitational Distortion – Preemptive Mass Suicide
Nails – You Will Never Be One Of Us

Warbringer – Remain Violent
Crowbar – Existence Is Punishment
Dethklok – Laser Cannon Death Sentence

The Beard Pick
Lock Up – Blood and Emptiness

Insomnium – Through The Shadow
Integrity – Taste My Sin
Iron Maiden – The Clairvoyant
Metal Allegiance – We Rock (Dio cover)
Children Of Bodom – Lake Bodom 

The Dubsack 
Pallbearer – I Saw The End
Crackhouse – Serpent Suuns

Darkest Hour – This Is The Truth
Fit For An Autopsy – Black Mammoth
Angel Witch – Angel Witch
Katalepsy – Cold Flesh Citadel
Lamb Of God – Desolation
Overkill – Goddamn Trouble
Type O Negative – Green Man
Czar – Mr. Reindeer