Metal Shop Playlist for May 7th, 2016

w/ special guests Devilation

May 11, 2016

Sepultura – Territory 
Cannabis  Corpse – Zer Weed Tolerance
Kvelertak – Nattesferd
Revocation – Tetrogenesis
The Accused – Wrong Side of the Grave
Devilation - Blood Throne
Devilation - Letter from the Dead
Eluveite – Your Gaulish War
Suicidal Tendencies – Give Me Revolution
3 Inches of Blood – deadly sinners

From the Vault
Pantera – Over and Out

In Flames – Embody the Invisible
Dying Fetus – Nocturnal Crucifixion
The Acacia Strain – Kraken
Iron Maiden – Fear is the Key

Brutal Poetry

Degrade – Blood Rampage 

All Out War – Condemned to Suffer
Gojira – Stranded
Red Fang – Number Thirteen
Sick Of It All – Step Down
Ghost Ship Octavius – Bloodcaster

Caught in a Mosh

Madball – Heaven and Hell 
Integrity - Taste my sin
Hatebreed- Doomsayer
Harms Way – Goat Will Rise

Rotting Christ – In Nomina Dae Nostre
Overkill – Coma

A.T.M – Under the Razor’s Edge
Arch Enemy – Ravenous
Rainbow – Man on a silver mountain
Aborted – Cadaverous Banquet
Megadeth – Wake Up Dead
Slayer – Jesus Saves
Gwar – Martyrdumb

The Dubsack

Inverloch – Cataclysm of Lacuna
Sumac – Will to Reach 

Jim Breur & The Loud and Rowdy – Thrash
Cathedral – Stained Glass Horizon
Metallica – Trapped Under Ice

Magrudergrind – The Protocols of Anti Sound
Wormed – Pseudo Horizon
Witch Ripper – Hydra
Megadeth – Holy Wars
Tennger Cavalry – War Horse
King Diamond – Abigail