Metal Shop Playlist for October 1st, 2016

October 5, 2016

Absymal Dawn - Inanimate
Abbath - Count the Dead
Sepentine Dominion - The Vengeance in Me
Crowbar - Plasmic and Pure
Judas Priest - Electric Eye
Dying Fetus - Judgement Day
Ringworm - Shades of Blue
Black Breath - Seed of Cain
Overkill - Old Wounds New Scars
Napalm Death - Private Death
Dark Traquility - The Pitiless
Iron Maiden - Hallowed be Thy Name
Mutoid Man - 1000 Mile Stare

From the Vault
Quartz - Stand up and Fight

Amorphis - The Four Wise Ones
Meshuggah - Our Rage Won't Die
Gojira - Only Pain
Discharge - Hatebomb
DRI - Redline

Brutal Poetry
Abnormality - Taste of Despair

Cradle of Filth - From the Cradle to Enslave
Slayer - Epidemic
Ensiferum - Twilight Tavern
Lamb of God - Redneck

Caught in a Mosh
Sex Prisoner - Final Judgement
Abnormity - Vomit Carnage
Triple Cripple - Wheelchair Swingers Party
IS***OnYourFace - Excremental Embalment 
Joy - Hope Less

Slipknot - Heretic Anthemn
Gwar - Let us Slay
Kvelertak - Nattesferd

Beard Pick
Invoking the Abstract - Aural Kaleidoscopes

Warbringer - Wake Up Destroy
Asphyx - Candiru
Motorhead - Live to Win
Metal Allegiance - We Rock
Mastodon - Blood and Thunder

Holy Serpent - Bury Me Standing
Animals as Leaders - The Brain Dance

Insomnium - Winters Gate pt. 4
Helloween - I Want Out
Pantera - Slaughtered
Ringworm - One of us is Going to Have to Die
Gorguts - Oders of Existence
Devildriver - Coldblooded
Strung Out - Bark at the Moon
Overkill - Give a Little
Nile - When Thy Wrath is Done