Metal Shop Playlist for Saturday April 14th, 2018

w/ special guests Saxon and Neck Of The Woods

April 19, 2018

Dying Fetus – Panic Amongst The Herd
Slayer – Dead Skin Mask
Judas Priest – The Necromancer
Black Breath – Slaves Beyond Death 
Amon Amarth – First Kill
Powerglove – X-Men
Gojira – Flying Whales

(Saxon interview)
Saxon – Thunderbolt

Darkest Hour – Timeless Numbers

From The Vault
Rainbow – Kill The King (1978)

Vektor – Pillars Of Sand
Behemoth – In the Absence Ov Light (Live)
Pantera – A New Level 
Cloudkicker – Dysphoria

Brutal Poetry
Insect Warfare – Protection Maze

Weaponlord – Mission 25
Hatebreed – Straight To Your Face
Lee McKinney – Skylasher
D.R.I – Redline
Abbath – Count the Dead

Caught In A Mosh 
Cattle Decapitation – Cream Of The Crop
Antagonize – Head Count
Putridity – Euphoric State Of Dementia
Kraanium – Stench Of Putrid Innards
General Surgery – The League Of Extraordinary Graverobbers
Terror – Enemies In Sight

Type O Negative – We Hate Everyone

(Neck Of The Woods Interview)
Neck Of The Woods – You’ll Always Look The Same To Me

Rotten Sound – Harvester of Boredom
Iron Maiden – The Evil That Men Do
Amorphis – First Doom
Skinless – Line Of Dissent
Fallujah – The Void Alone

The Dubsack 
Wayfarer – The Dreaming Plain
Pallbearer – Dropout

Ghost – Rats
Queensryche – Queen Of The Reich
The Absence – Misery Trophies
Skeletal Remains – Devouring Morality
Metallica – Fight Fire With Fire
Scorpions – Polar Nights
Warlock – Touch Of Evil
Judas Priest – Metal Gods
Judas Priest - Firepower
Craft – The Cosmic Sphere Falls