Metal Shop Playlist for Saturday April 27th, 2019

April 30, 2019

Psycroptic – We Were The Keepers
Integrity – All Death Is Mine
Death Angel – The Pack
In Flames – Ordinary Story 
Hate – Sovereign Sanctity
Archspire – The Mimic Well
Iron Maiden – Die With Your Boots On (Live)
Cirith Ungol – King Of The Dead
Pound - x.x-.x-x.-x.x

From The Vault
Crumbsuckers – Brainwashed (1986)

Ramallah – Days Of Revenge
Sanctuary – The Year The Sun Died
Be'lakor – Aspect
Eluveitie – Worship

Brutal Poetry 
Dark Funeral – As I Ascend

Animals as Leaders – Physical Education
3 Inches Of Blood – My Sword Will Not Sleep
Gojira – The Link

Caught In A Mosh
Necrotic Liquefaction – Sagging Tepid Mammoth 
Heinous – Corpse Disposal
Internal Rot – Head Collector 
Decomposition Of Entrails – Ruins In The Blood
Fluoride – Chipped Away
Necroseptic – Broken
Amorfati – Sepakat Setrat

Incendiary Interview
Incendiary – The Product Is You

The Beard Pick
NMTA – Animus

Slayer – Mandatory Suicide
Ringworm – Dead To Me
Monolord – Rust
Pantera – I’m Broken
Soilwork – Bleeder Despoiler

The Dubsack 
Mastodon – Stairway to Heaven (Led Zeppelin cover)
Helms Alee – Be Rad Tomorrow

Thy Art Is Murder – Human Target
Darkthrone – The Hardship Of The Scots
Overkill – Armorist
Children Of Bodom – Needled 24/7
Cannibal Corpse – Code Of The Slashers
Six Feet Under – Amerika The Brutal
Pantera – A New Level 
Venom Prison – Asura’s Realm
Sabbath Assembly – The Serpent Uncoils