Metal Shop Playlist for Saturday April 7th, 2018

w/ special in-studio guests Impulse Noise

April 12, 2018

Napalm Death – How The Years Condemn
Testament – DNR
Slayer – Raining Blood
Impulse Noise – Dust
Impulse Noise – Profit Loss
Impulse Noise – Plexus
Impulse Noise - Solitude
Plini – Electric Sunrise

From the Vault
Napalm Death – If the Truth be Told

Omnium Gatherum – The Pit
King Diamond – Omens
Bolt thrower – Icon
Accept – Stalingrad

Brutal Poetry
Abominable Putridity – A Massacre in the North

Kingdom of Sorrow – Begging for the Truth
Devils of Loudun – Child of Science
Neck of the Woods - Breeders


Joy – Tear me Down
Friendship - Regicide
Barricade – Wise Up
Carry On – Off My Chest
Within Destruction – Human Defect

Fleshgod Apocalypse – Gravity

Neurogenic – Subdural Breeding
Shaded Emnity – Sadness in Summer Rain

Beard Pick
Meth Leppard – Krocodil Dundee

Scale the Summit – Cosmic Cloud ft. Jeff Loomis 
Dio – I Could Have Been a Dreamer
Katalepsy – The Pulse of the Somnambulist

Alters of Grief – Isolation
Black Tomb – Eyes of Midnight

Angel Witch – Angel Witch
Bleeding Through – Set Me Free
Theories – First World’s Last Breath
Sodom – Nuclear Winter
Entombed – Chaos Breed
Demolition Hammer - 40 Caliber Brain Surgery
Type O Negative – Summer Breeze