Metal Shop Playlist for Saturday August 17th, 2019

August 19, 2019

Memoriam – Undefeated 
Exhumed – Ravenous Cadaver
Killswitch Engage – The Signal Fire (feat. Howard Jones)
Nasum - Alarm
Locistellar – Age Of Reason 
Locistellar – Simian Call 
Iron Maiden – The Duellists
Iron Reagan – Crossover Ministry 
Wormed – Bionic Relic

From The Vault 
Chastain – I Fear No Evil (1985)

Firespawn – The Gallow’s End
Algebra – Pulse
Goatwhore – In Deathless Tradition
Mortiferum – Archaic Vision Of Despair

Brutal Poetry 
Inherit Disease – Lord Cyborg

Visceral Disgorge – Architects Of Warping Flesh 
Soilwork - Stålfågel
Judas Priest – Metal Gods

Caught In A Mosh 
Gulch – Flesh Pursuit
Devourment – Xenoglossia 
Inclination – Vagrant 
SeeYouSpaceCowboy – Armed With Their Teeth 
Strict – Cycle Of Neglect

Knocked Loose – And Still I Wander South 
Rotting Out – Reaper
Slayer – Jesus Saves
In Flames – Jotun

The Beard Pick 
Shallow End – Urban Decay

Down – The Seed
Morbid Angel – Day Of Suffering 
Devin Townsend – Evermore 
Possessed – No More Room In Hell
Cerebral Rot – Swamped In Festering Excrementia

The Dubsack 
Cloudkicker – Blackwing
Rolo Tomassi – The Hollow Hour

Opeth – Dignity 
Sworn Enemy – Coming Undone 
Accept – Fast As A Shark 
Pantera – 13 Steps To Nowhere
Meshuggah – Our Rage Won’t Die
Continuum - Release from Flesh and Blood
Fight – Into The Pit
Baroness – Front Toward Enemy
Lee McKinney – The Sun And The Wind