Metal Shop Playlist for Saturday August 19th, 2017

w/ in studio guests OLD IRON

August 22, 2017

Iron Age – We’re Dust/The Violator
The Devils of Loudun – Cast the Stone
Converge – In Duress
Memoriam – War Rages On
Wolves in the Throne Room – Born From the Serpents Eye
Epica – Semblance of Liberty
Power Trip – Soul Sacrifice
Eternal Champion – I am the Hammer
GWAR – Gor Gor
Gojira – Back Bone

From the Vault
Intruder – The Martyr

Pantera – Great Southern Trend Kill
Venom Inc – Ave Santanas
Type O Negative – Everyone I Love is Dead
Pig Destroyer – Phantom Limb

Brutal Poetry
Xavlegbmaofffassssitimiwoamndutroabcwapwaeiippohfffx – Bone Saw

Cannibal Corpse – The Bleeding
The Haunted – Preachers of Death
Slayer – Mandatory Suicide

Caught in a Mosh
Cerebral Incubation - Gonorrhea Nodule Mastication
Hatebreed – Before Dishonor
Guttural Engorgement – The Slow Decay of Infested Flesh
Viral Load – Lawnmower Lobotomy
Human Rejection – Desecration

Old Iron – Grave Wax
Old Iron – Friday Glendale
Old Iron – Nightmare Tooth
Old Iron – Lupus Metallorum
Dead Brain Cells – Power and Corruption
Decrepit Birth – Transcendental Paradox

Beard Pick
The Lurking fear – Vortex Spawn

Iron Monkey – Omega Mangler
Slabdragger – Murky Fen

Mastodon – Andromeda
The Red Chord – Nihilist 
Iron Maiden – Afraid to Shoot Strangers
Last Call
Immortal – Where Dark and Light don’t Differ
Motorhead – Bomber
Moonspell – Everything Invaded
Venom – Warhead
Entombed – Left Hand Path