Metal Shop Playlist for Saturday August 24th, 2019

August 26, 2019

At The Gates – Blinded By Fear
Year Of The Cobra – Into the Fray 
King Diamond – Bye Bye, Missy 
Fleshgod Apocalypse – Sugar
Gatecreeper – Social Decay
Endorphins Lost – Caduceus Rising
Overkill – Last Man Standing
Ringworm – Carnivores
Pound – x-_-x-_.+._-
Ancestors of God – Lost Souls

From The Vault 
Spitfire – Street Fighter (1987)

Dimmu Borgir – Progenies Of The Great Apocalypse
Insomnium - Valediction
Theories – Lamprey
Rings Of Saturn – Natural Selection

Brutal Poetry 
Cenotaph – Pustulation With Swarming Insectoids

Iron Maiden – Murders In The Rue Morgue
Amon Amarth – Fafner’s Gold
Abbath – The Artifex 
Children of Bodom – This Road

Caught In A Mosh 
Throwdown – Never Back Down 
Knocked Loose – A Serpent’s Touch 
Spilling Entrails – Sporadic Butchering
Ingested - Erotic Depravity
Sanction – The Final Fraction

Cannabis Corpse – Cylinders Of Madness
Cathedral – Hopkins (The Witchfinder General)

The Beard Pick 
Takafumi Matsubara – Stuttered Rope

Slayer – Mandatory Suicide
Anaal Nathrakh - Monstrum In Animo 
Boris – Pseudo Bread
Judas Priest – Turbo Lover
Arch Enemy – The Zoo (Scorpions cover)
Megadeth – Peace Sells

The Dubsack 
The HU – The Great Chinggis Khaan
Rowsdower – AUM

Alcest – Protection 
Venom Prison – Asura’s Realm 
The Acacia Strain – Black Hole Sun (Soundgarden cover)
Protest The Hero – Sequoia Throne
Enforcer – Undying Evil
Brand Of Sacrifice – Godhand
Type O Negative – We Hate Everyone
Eyehategod – Worthless Rescue 
Misfits – Hybrid Moments
Misfits - She
Misfits – Skulls