Metal Shop Playlist for Saturday January 21st 2017

w/ special guest Dave McGraw (Cattle Decapitation)

January 26, 2017

Overkill – Hello From The Gutter
High On Fire – Fertile Green
Power Trip – Executioners Tax
Crowbar – Like Broken Glass
Dimmu Borgir – Master Of Disharmony
Alcest – Oiseaux De Proie 
Black Breath – I Am Beyond
Iron Reagan – Take The Fall
Castrator – Demasculator 
Abnormality – Psymatic Hallucinations
Walls Of Jericho – A Littlle Piece of Me
Warlock – Burning The Witches

From The Vault
Sanctuary – Die For My Sins (1986)

Cattle Decapitation – Manufactured Extinct
Soreption – Breeding Exile
Madball – Demonstrating My Style

Brutal Poetry 
Cattle Decapitation – Plagueborn

Veonity – When Humanity Is Gone
Criminal – Slave Master
Cattle Decapitation – Apex Blasphemy

Caught in a Mosh 
Strife – Blistered
Xibalba – Diablo
Urethral Defecation – Gutted
Benighted – Reptilian
First Blood – The Rules

Deafheaven – Language Games
Slayer – South of Heaven
The Sword – The Dream Thieves

The Beard Pick 
Fredag den 13:e – 13 %

Soilwork – This Momentary Bliss
Septicflesh – Dogma
Warbringer – Silhouettes
Scorpions – Blackout

The Dubsack
Cult Of Luna – A Greater Call
Evoken – Of Purest Absolution

Obituary – Sentence Day
Mercyful Fate – Leave My Soul Alone
Hour Of Penance – Cast The First Stone
Pantera – The Great Southern Trendkill
Sworn Enemy – Sworn Enemy 
Candlemass – Solitude
Judas Priest – Electric Eye
Dissection – Retribution: Storm Of Lights Bane
Children Of Bodom – Lake Bodom
Entombed – Left hand Path