Metal Shop Playlist for Saturday January 26th, 2019

January 31, 2019

Dust Bolt – Living Hell
Madball – Set It Off
High On Fire – Devilution 
Slayer – Show No Mercy

Mark Morton Interview
Mark Morton (feat. Randy Blythe and Alissa White-Gluz) – The Truth Is Dead

R.I.P Izzy Dylan Alkire
Riot – Bloodstreets
Perception – Violent Reality 
Thin Lizzy – Wild One

From The Vault 
Mercyful Fate – Evil (1983)

Cephalic Carnage – Touched By An Angel 
Corrosion of Conformity – The Luddite
Crowbar – Walk With Knowledge Wisely
In Flames – Colony

Brutal Poetry 
Carcass – Malignant Defecation

Scale The Summit – Colossal 
Hateforce – Stolen Valor 
Warbeast – Blood Moon
Killswitch Engage – Fixation On The Darkness

Caught In A Mosh 
Putrid Pile – Dead In The Alleyway 
City Hunter – Beyond Recognition 
Chainsaw Disgorgement – Dissolved In A Vat of Acid
Thetan – Put Out To Pasture
Wound Man – Unhinged
Torturous Inception – Dragged Back Through The Portal

Baroness – Shock Me
Sanctuary – Die For My Sins
Pantera – A New Level
Bolt Thrower – The Killchain

The Beard Pick
Employed To Serve – Force Fed

Abbath – Count The Dead
Crowbar – Existence Is Punishment
Judiciary – Social Crusade
Entombed – Sinners Bleed
Omnium Gatherum – Nova Flame

The Dubsack 
Porcupine Tree – Blackest Eyes
Saxon Shore – Isolated By The Secrets Of Your Fellow Man

Of Feather And Bone – Bestial Hymns Of Perversion 
Iron Maiden – Can I Play With Madness
Black Sabbath – The Mob Rules
Decapitated – Spheres Of Madness
Annihilator – Alison Hell
At The Gates – Slaughter Of The Soul
Corrosion Of Conformity – Albatross
Cannabis Corpse – Beneath Grow Lights Thou Shalt Rise
The Ocean – Cambrian 2: Eternal Recurrence