Metal Shop Playlist for Saturday June 16th, 2018

June 21, 2018

Rhapsody Of Fire – Unholy Warcry 
Power Trip – Executioner’s Tax (Live)
Skeletonwitch – When Paradise Fades
Abysmal Dawn – Inanimate 
Inherit Disease – Mutant 2.0
After The Fallout – Insurrection
Nasum – Sixteen

Harm’s Way Interview
Harm’s Way – Sink

Type O Negative – My Girlfriend’s Girlfriend

From The Vault 
Incubus – Underground Killers (1988)

No Warning – In The City 
Wolfheart – Zero Gravity 
Madball (feat. Ice-T) – Evil Ways 
Pantera – Shattered
Jason Becker – Perpetual Burn 
Ringworm – One Of Us Is Going To Have To Die

Brutal Poetry 
Broken Hope – The Internal Twin

The Faceless – Pestilence
Iron Maiden – Fear Of The Dark (Live)

Caught In A Mosh
Path Of Resistance – Counter
Born To Murder The World – Brutality Alchemist
Poison The Well – Slice Paper Wrists 
Sanction – Fixated Upon A Figure
Reserving Dirtnaps – Blood On The Walls

Obscura – Emergent Evolution 
Kataklysm – Where The Enemy Sleeps (Live)

The Beard Pick 
Sulaco – Dingy Metropolis

Suicidal Tendencies – How Will I Laugh Tomorrow?
Sandrider – Creep
Algebra – Polymorph 
Wisdom In Chains – Already Dead
Insect Warfare – Mindripper

The Dubsack 
Saint Vitus – Dying Inside
Bongripper – Slow

Russian Circles – Mota
Slayer – Hell Awaits 
Lamb Of God – 512
Black Sabbath – Children Of The Grave
Converge – Conduit
Rivers Of Nihil – Mechanical Trees
Dragonforce – Curse Of Darkness
Widek – Canis Majoris