Metal Shop Playlist for Saturday June 22nd, 2019

June 26, 2019

Sworn Enemy – Seeds Of Hate 
Mastodon – Tread Lightly 
Megadeth – Dystopia 
Megadeth – Symphony Of Destruction
Cannibal Corpse – No Remorse (Metallica cover)
August Burns Red – Vital Signs
Devourment – Cognitive Sedation Butchery 
Deathbed Confessions – Crow Eater
Hateforce – War Machine

From The Vault 
Blood – Lamentation (1993)

Firespawn – The Gallow’s End
Ringworm – One Of Us Is Going To Have To Die
Pantera – 13 Steps To Nowhere
Pantera – You’ve Got To Belong To It
TÝR - Ragnars Kvæði

Brutal Poetry
Visceral Disgorge – Architects of Warping Flesh

Striker – Out For Blood
Venom Prison - Uterine Industrialisation
Swallow The Sun – Firelights

Caught In A Mosh 
Criminal Element – Future Felon 
Buried Dreams – Nightmare 
Cross Control – Outrage Culture 
Sidetracked – Suffocate 
Sidetracked – Blowing Smoke
Dropdead – Torches
Soils Of Fate – Thin The Herd

Sacred Reich – Awakening 
Darkest Hour – Love As A Weapon

The Beard Pick 
Geoda – Magic Mountain

Warbringer – Combat Shock 
Dio – Don’t Talk To Strangers
Judas Priest – Living After Midnight
Overkill – Welcome To The Garden State

The Dubsack 
Astrosaur – Poyekhali 
Mindkult – Snowblind (Black Sabbath cover)

Motörhead – Orgasmatron
Slayer – Jesus Saves
Entombed A.D. - Torment Remains
Wretched Fate – Taker Of Souls
Sanctuary – Battle Angels
Vio-lence – Kill On Command
Behemoth – Shemhamforash
Pelican – Midnight and Mescaline