Metal Shop Playlist for Saturday June 9th, 2018

June 12, 2018

Skeletal Remains – Catastrophic Retribution
Jungle Rot – Fearmonger
Devil Driver – Ghost Riders In The Sky (Johnny Cash cover)
Scorpions - Blackout

Hoth Interview
Hoth – Vengeance
Hoth – Citadel Of The Necromancer

Harm’s Way – Sink 
Wake Of Humanity – Living In The Shadow Of A Grotesque Lie

From The Vault
Dismember – In Death’s Sleep (1991)

Dark Tranquility – Icipher
Drawn and Quartered – Deliverance To The Worms
Judas Priest – You’ve Got Another Thing Coming
Napalm Death – How The Years Condemn

Brutal Poetry 
Cannibal Corpse – Innards Decay

At The Gates – Daggers Of Black Haze
Exhumed – As Hammer To Anvil 
Gygax – Song Of The Silver Hands
Pantera – Yesterday Don’t Mean Sh**

Caught In A Mosh
Vein - Virus://Vibrance
Vein – Demise Automation
Infernal Revulsion – Rot In Peace
Full Of Hell – Vessel Deserted
Splattered Entrails – Melted Flesh Shower
Venom Prison – Desecration Of Human Privilege

Morbid Angel – God Of Emptiness 
Korpiklaani – Kotikonnut
Power Trip – Hornet’s Nest

The Beard Pick 
Nylithia – Goddamn Type 1

Sanctuary – Die For My Sins 
Obituary – Your Darkest Day 
Slayer – Skeletons Of Society

The Dubsack 
Chino Moreno – Brief Exchange
YOB – In Reverie

Wintersun – Winter Madness
Enslaved – What Else Is There? (Royksopp cover)
Iron Maiden – Wicker Man
Clutch – Gimme The Keys
Cradle Of Filth – Heartbreak and Séance
Sylosis –A Serpent’s Tongue
Deicide – Scars Of The Crucifix 
Pound – x.---.x.---.x.---.x.---
Modern Life Is War – Feels Like End Times