Metal Shop Playlist for Saturday March 10th, 2018

March 14, 2018

Asphyx – The Last One On Earth
Death – Sacred Serenity 
Morbid Angel – Garden Of Disdain
Origin – Accident and Error
Xoth – Plague Revival
Substratum – Night Sweats 
Ancestors Of God – Lost Souls
Earth Control – Abysmal Meanderings
Stealing Axion – Artificial Empathy

From The Vault 
Taist Of Iron – Cross Of Fire (1984)

Dissection – Nights Blood
Memoriam – Nothing Remains 
Slayer – Spirit In Black
Power Trip – Executioner’s Tax

Brutal Poetry 
Putridity – Living Decomposition

Municipal Waste – Intro / Deathripper
Judas Priest – Evil Never Dies
Soilwork – This Momentary Bliss
King Diamond – The Family Ghost
The Crown – Necrohammer

Caught In A Mosh 
Splattered – Seething Putrid Malevolence
Bulldoze – Beatdown
Slaughterbox – The Head Table
Pustulated – Pathognomic Purulency 
Artery Eruption – Explosion Of A Thick Orange, Porridge Like Substance

Accept – Balls To The Wall
Weaponlord – Life Of Crime (Going Downtown)
Napalm Death – It Failed To Explode

The Beard Pick 
Kingdom Of Ends – The Inhuman Condition

Pantera – Revolution Is My Name
Brotherhood – The Deal 
Between The Buried And Me – Yellow Eyes
Rotting Christ – Fire and Flame

The Dubsack 
Ilsa – Polly Vaughn
Melvins – Hag Me

Motorhead – Heroes (David Bowie cover)
Vader – Prayer To The God Of War
Vio-lence – Liquid Courage

Last Call : All Requests
Carcass – Pedigree Butchery
Judas Priest – Blood Red Skies
Watain – A Throne Below
Baroness – Shock Me
Impaled Nazarene – One Dead Nation Under Dead God
Chronosphere – Brutal Decay 
Rainbow – Waiting For A Sign