Metal Shop Playlist for Saturday March 24th, 2018

w/ special in-studio guests Kyberox and Deathbed Confessions

March 28, 2018

Unearth – Zombie Autopilot 
Immortal – Hoards to War
Amorphis – The Bee
Deathbed Confessions – Seamless 
Deathbed Confessions – XSNXS
Kyberox – Strawberry Wizard
Nile – When My Wrath Is Done
Skeletonwitch – Repulsive Salvation

From The Vault
Necrophagia – Ancient Slumber (1987)

All Out War – Choking On Indifference
The Faceless – Pestilence
Cattle Decapitation – Gristle Licker
Pantera – Domination

Brutal Poetry
The County Medical Examiners – Pugilistic Burn Postures

Iron Maiden – Wasted Years
Replicant – ADRA2B
Windhand – Woodbine

Caught In A Mosh 
Impulse Noise – Fractured Format
Capitalist Casualties – Murder Junkie (R.I.P Shawn Elliott)
Methwitch – Crematorium 
Cenotaph – Asphyxiated Embryonic Abnormalities
Cerebral Incubation – Bifurcation of Promordial Slamateurs
Cranial Discharge – Happy Magic Unicorns

Burn The Priest – Inherit The Earth (The Accused cover)
Neck Of The Woods – Bottom Feeder

The Beard Pick 
Order Of Riven Cathedrals – Adoration Ov The Spherical Trigonometry

Iron Reagan – Crossover Ministry 
Memoriam – From The Flames
Converge – A Single Tear
Slayer – Die By The Sword
Dying Fetus – One Shot One Kill

The Dubsack 
Swampheavy – Wizard Sleeve
CHRCH – Portals 

Of Feather And Bone – Resounding From The Depths
Baptists – Capsule

Last Call: All Requests
Candlemass – Solitude
Suicidal Tendencies – Institutionalized 
Fear Factory – Self Bias Resistor
UADA – Cult Of A Dying Sun