Metal Shop Playlist for Saturday March 25th, 2017

March 29, 2017

Abysmal Dawn – Inanimate
Cattle Decapitation – Manufactured Extinct
GWAR – Beat You To Death 
Knocked Loose – Dead Ringer
Omnium Gatherum – A Shadow Key 
Nevermore – The Termination Proclaimation
Body Count – Black Hoodie
Six Feet Under – Invader
Behemoth – Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel
Ringworm – Razor and The Knife
Shadows Fall – Idiot Box

From The Vault
Liege Lord – Master Control (1988)

Toxic Holocaust – Judgment Awaits You
Firespawn – Death By Impalement
Scorpions- Blackout
Megadeth – Peace Sells

Brutal Poetry 
Immolation – Power Of Gods

Xibalba – Adios
Vomit Remnants – Hi Fi The The Art Of Rapture
Amorphis – Haunted By The Sun
Swallow The Sun – Swallow

Caught In A Mosh
Abdicate – Burning Ascendance
Incendiary – The Product Is You
Carnivore Diprosopus – Torment Era
Terror – Kill Em Off

Anthrax – Vice Of The People
Iron Maiden – The Wicker Man
Katatonia – Murder

The Beard Pick
Gorod – Being A Jerk

King Diamond – The Family Ghost
Pantera – The Great Southern Trendkill
Obituary – End It Now
Kreator – Violent Revolution
Katalepsy – Amongst Phantom Worlds

The Dubsack 
Pallbearer – Cruel Road
Jex Thoth – Raven Nor The Spirit

Slayer – Kill Again
Warbringer – Total War
Agalloch – I Am The Wooden Doors
Cannibal Corpse – Make Them Suffer
Gojira – Toxic Garbage Island
Deicide – How Can You Call Yourself A God?
Pantera – Cemetary Gates
Animals as Leaders – Odessa
Heiress – Restless Aim