Metal Shop Playlist for Saturday March 31st, 2018

April 4, 2018

Suicidal Tendencies – You Can’t Bring Me Down
Deicide – Scars Of The Crucifix
At The Gates – A Stare Bound In Stone
Amon Amarth – Wrath Of The Norsemen
Agnostic Front – The American Dream Has Died
Cave In – Juggernaut (R.I.P Caleb Scofield)
Zozobra – Emanate
D.R.I – Thrashard
Morbid Angel – Garden Of Disdain 
No Warning – In The City 
In Flames – Clayman

From The Vault 
GWAR – Crack In The Egg (1992)

Mercyful Fate – Egypt
Dimmu Borgir – Council Of Wolves And Snakes
Nasum – Shapeshifter
Motorhead – Killed By Death
Origin – Algorithm

Brutal Poetry 
Six Feet Under – Zombie Executioner

Scorpions – Don’t Make No Promises
Midnight – Satanic Royalty 
Substratum – Night Sweats
High On Fire – The Black Plot

Caught In A Mosh 
Vermin Womb – Decline 
Pustulated – Forensic Torture
Wake – Sowing The Seeds Of A Worthless Tomorrow
Smothered Bowels – Thorax Driller
Slumlord – Patiently Waiting

Kataklysm – Guillotine
Lamb of God – Laid To Rest
Slayer – Evil Has No Boundaries

The Beard Pick
Sentient Horror – Enter Crypts Below

Warbringer – Wake Up, Destroy
Anthrax – Caught In A Mosh (Live)
Sanctuary – Arise and Purify 
Shai Hulud – Given Flight By Demon Wings
Iron Maiden – Murders In The Rue Morgue

The Dubsack
Eagle Twin – Heavy Hoof
Octopus – The Unknown

Augury – Carrion Tide
Dissection – Retribution – Storm Of The Light’s Bane
Oxygen Destroyer – Vanquished by the Unrelenting Devastation of the Celestial Behemoth

Last Call : All Requests
Carnotaurus - A Stampede of Horns and Shields
Judas Priest – Specter
Carnifex – Lie To My Face
Manowar – Hail And Kill
Burning Witch – Tower Place
Danzig – How The Gods Kill