Metal Shop Playlist for Saturday May 11th, 2019

May 15, 2019

Death – Individual Thought Patterns
Animals as Leaders – Arithmophobia
Possessed – Damned
Municipal Waste – Wolves Of Chernobyl 
Drawn and Quartered – Ravage The Cadaver
Iron Maiden – The Evil That Men Do (Live-1988)
Slipknot – Heretic Anthem 
Hatebreed – Everyone Bleeds Now
Agnostic Front – The Eliminator
Skeletal Remains – Devouring Morality

From The Vault
Hellwitch – Sentient Transmography (1990)

Insomnium – Winters Gate (Part 4)

Spirit Adrift Interview 
Spirit Adrift – We Will Not Die
Spirit Adrift – Angel & Abyss

Vitriol – The Parting Of A Neck

Brutal Poetry 
Gorerotted – Selection And Dissection Of Parts For 

Caught In A Mosh 
Big Chef – Neck and Clod
Bodysnatcher – Exterminate
Magnitude – Opposition 
Varials – To Lay In Sin 
Buried In Pieces – Apathy

Tomb Mold – Infinite Resurrection
Pantera – Cowboys From Hell

The Beard Pick 
Tendrils – A Face For Collapse

Amon Amarth – Crack The Sky
Exodus – I Am Abomination 
Skeletonwitch – This Horrifying Force
The Black Dahlia Murder – Nightbringers
Integrity – Jagged Visions Of My True Destiny 
Dio – Another Lie

The Dubsack 
Bongzilla – Greenthumb 
Dreadnaught – Tempered

The Ruins Of Beverast – Takitum Tootem (Trance)
Slayer – Evil Has No Boundaries
Lamb Of God – 512
Sepultura – Refuse Resist
Entheos – Pulse Of A New Era
Dying Fetus – Shepherd’s Commandment
Whiplash – Walk The Plank
Abnormality – Monarch Alpha 
Alice Cooper – School’s Out