Metal Shop Playlist for Saturday November 11th, 2017

November 16, 2017

All Out War – Choking On Indifference 
Hatebreed – Conceived Through An Act Of Violence
Black Sabbath – N.I.B (Live)
In Flames – Clayman
Cannibal Corpse – Destroyed Without A Trace
Gatecreeper – Sweltering Madness
Darkest Hour – This Is The Truth
Amorphis – The Four Wise Ones
Iron Maiden – The Number Of The Beast

From the Vault
Uncle Slam – Say Uncle (1988)

Bloodbath – Eaten
Iron Reagan – Shame Spiral
Corrosion Of Conformity – Cast The First Stone
Scale The Summit – Cosmic Crown (featuring Jeff Loomis)
No Warning – Hell Realm

Brutal Poetry
Impaled – Faeces of Death

Anthrax – Madhouse
Crowbar – Existence Is Punishment
Crowbar – The Lasting Dose
Cannabis corpse – Lunatic Of Pot’s Creation

Caught In A Mosh
Last Days Of Humanity – Acute Palatable Hemorrhage
Cerebral Incubation – Ascariasis Evisceration
Get The Shot – Blackened Sun
Madball – Heaven / Hell
Martyr AD – Broken Mouth

Taake – Intrennger

The Beard Pick 
Lost Society – Hangover Activator

Mastodon – Sultan’s Curse
Ne Obliviscaris – Intravenous 
Slayer – Dead Skin Mask
Unearth – Predetermined Sky

The Dubsack 
YOB – Breathing From The Shallows 
Amenra – Plus Pres De Toi

Cavalera Conspiracy – Terror Tactics
Nylithia – Fast All The Time
Pantera – Shattered
Vitriol – Violence, A Worthy Truth
Viral Load – Lawnmower Lobotomy 
3 Inches Of Blood – Goatriders Horde
Corrosion Of Conformity – Clean My Wounds
Dio – Gypsy 
Megadeth – My Last Words
Soilwork – Parasite Blues